Booking our cabin isn't much more complex than booking a hotel but there are some extra steps along the way.


Book Directly with us -- As you may have guessed, this option will provide us with the most transparent and the least expensive reservation for you since we do not charge the added "service fees" charged by those sites. At the page for each cabin, you can get instant rates, request a quote or initiate an immediate booking

Book via one of our advertising channels -- If you inquire via Airbnb, or Expedia (including,,, and, or TripAdvisor (including,, and, we are bound by the terms and conditions with those listing sites not to encourage you to book via another method. Those websites will add booking/service fees ranging 4%-15% just to process your transaction. There is no benefit to either of us for you to book through those sites. I encourage everyone to book directly with us and other vacation rental owners whenever possible!​

Nightly rates vary by cabin and time of year. Rates are instantly available here on our site and are consistent on all listing sites where our cabins are shown, however we have no control or influence over the service fees added by those sites.

We have a 2-night minimum, though some holidays may have a 3-night or 4-night minimum.


Cleaning fees vary by cabin and are included as part of your quote

Non-refundable Accidental Rental Damage Insurance (ARDI) All quotes/bookings include a $39 non-refundable Accidental Damage Protection policy issued by AIG's TravelGuard (up to $1,500) - accidents happen, we've had guests break beds, ceiling fans, chairs, etc.

We have about 1 situation per year where something gets broken. If something is broken accidentally, please let us know. Since the damage policy is already in place, it will be much easier and quicker for us to start the replacement or repair and get it done before the next group checks in.

Refundable Deposit (Excess cleaning reserve)
We authorize a hold (but not a charge) of $150 on your credit card 2 days prior to your arrival. You will receive a reminder email to authorize a card about a week prior to your stay.
About 1 group per year lose some amount of their excess cleaning reserve. Some examples have been, not cleaning up accidents, leaving trash (food, diapers, etc) all over the cabin, water balloon fights inside, you get the idea. 

Tax (12.75%) - we are obligated to collect and remit 12.75% tax for each guest. The tax breakdown is: 7% Sales Tax to the State of Tennessee; 2.75% Sales Tax to Sevier County; and 3% Lodging (Hotel/Motel) Tax to the City of Gatlinburg. This is shown on each quote or invoice with the exception of Airbnb who (as of 3/1/18) collects 9.75% (State/County) during the booking transaction, and the 3% Gatlinburg Lodging tax is included in our rate.


All quotes and bookings are managed by our system. We are glad to chat by phone but will issue all quotes by email. Actual booking will be done by you online where you will enter your credit card number or use your PayPal account - we will not take your credit card over the phone, I do not want to keep anyone's card on file. If you have a strong preference to pay by check, we can process your payment manually and still execute the rental agreement electronically

​RESERVATION PROCESS​ -looks like a long list, but it is pretty simple
1) You inquire via email, phone or the website
2) We email quotes, availability and a link to the quote and website for easy reference
3) You review review our quote and website - call, text or email us with any questions that aren't answered
4) Once you are ready to book click the link in the emailed quote you received
5) The secure online reservation system will review the total, initial payment (50% of total), and due dates
6) During the booking process the Rental Agreement will be displayed for your review and digital signature
7) Your online payment will be processed with a credit card or your PayPal account
8) Your digitally signed rental agreement will be archived in our system and emailed to both of us 
9) Once you receive your email confirmation of a successful reservation, your dates are all set
10) In your reservation confirmation email, you will also receive instructions on providing us with a copy of your ID (much like checking into a hotel) - this must be done within 48 hours of reserving the cabin
11) About 30 days before your check-in date, you will receive an email reminder to make final (remaining 50%) payment - if you booked less than 30 days in advance, you likely already paid in full
12) About 2 weeks before your stay you will receive an email with the cabin address, directions and your personalized door code

13) Approximately 1 week before your check-in date, you will receive an email reminder to secure the $150 reserve on your credit card

14) You arrive for your stay!! The cabins are accessed via electronic locks. All relevant instructions and info is in the email you receive 2 weeks before your stay. The instructions have been used hundreds of times, so they are 'well worked', but if you have questions, we are as close as a call, text or email

15) Upon checkout, our cleaning crew enters the cabin, and provides us with a report as they prepare the cabin for the next guest. Once we review the cleaning crew's report, the release of the $150 reserve is processed


Our system accepts credit card payments processed by PayPal (no PayPal account required), or via your PayPal account. We can accept personal checks. In the case of checks, we expect notice from you that the check is in the mail within ~ 24 hours of booking and agreement signature. We give checks approximately 3 business days to arrive. Also in the case of checks, we replace the "Excess Cleaning Reserve" with a traditional deposit.

NOTE: We can not accept credit cards by phone or credit card numbers by email. The online process must be used for protection for both of us.

Cancellation policies may vary on a listing service website service due to their respective system options, however your signed rental agreement establishes the formal/enforced cancellation policy.
The guest named on the rental agreement is the only person who may cancel the reservation.
• 100% refund if cancelled 60 days prior to the Check-in Date
• 50% refund if cancelled 31-59 days prior to the Check-in Date
• 0% will be refunded 30 days prior to Check-in Date

We've found cancellations to be infrequent, only twice in the past 4 years. One was due to a death in the family and the other due to a hurricane where the family had to spend time and money on their lives rather than vacation. This is our posted policy and this is the minimum you can expect. We handle each cancellation on a case by case basis and will do everything possible to help mitigate cancellation expenses for our guests.

If you absolutely must cancel and we can re-rent the time you had reserved, we will issue a full refund.

Check-out procedures are fairly simple and outlined on the refrigerator and in the guest information booklet. at the cabin. Within 24 hours (same day in most cases) of your departure Nancy, the owner of our cleaning company, will be in the cabin to review the cabin and check on the basics like furniture condition, electronics in working order, etc. She gives us a preliminary status, and then she and her team clean the cabin. Upon completion, she gives us a final report. Assuming no problems, we will release the hold authorization and/or return your damage deposit in full. Method of refund depends on your payment method.

We do not 'hold' checks for the deposit nor 'hold' credit card numbers to be charged in the event of problems. You pay the deposit or authorize the reserve upfront, and we then return the funds or release the reserve.